Custom Beach Tennis Racket Design

Want to stand out on the court?

Having a personalised custom beach/paddle racket design is the ultimate way to add your personality to your game!

One of our many design areas is custom beach tennis and paddle racket design – our director is a very keen beach tennis player, so much so that his racket is designed by us – see the video below:

(In case you’re wondering, Guy has two cats: Ich & Nusa, named after his favourite beer 😊 )

Would you like a similar racket design to this, or do you have custom ideas for your racket design that you need help creating?

We can create:

Our prices vary depending on the complexity of the design and if you want a unique graphic on either side.

We work in partnership with who add the custom graphics to the racket and can also customise the surface of the racket to add a grip.

Get in touch for a quote for a custom beach tennis or paddle racket design!